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Responsive Search Inc.
Responsive Search Inc. is a staffing firm that was established in 1993 to service the Information Technology Market. Our services include: Staff and Executive Level Search as well as Career Management and Contract Consulting. Our technology areas include but are not limited to: Web and Mobile Development, Executive/Technology Management, ERP, IBM iSeries, Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing, and Network/Infrastructure/Security.

Recruiting Methodology

“Our Proven System of Success”

Client and Position Assessment

  • At Responsive Search Inc. we take the time to collect valuable and critical information that allows us to truly understand our client’s culture and key requirements of the position to be filled.
  • We work with the client to establish the goals for the recruiting project and set timelines that guide us during our process.
  • We gather information from our client as to the specific protocols and procedures that our client requires to insure that objectives are met during the recruiting process.
  • A unique fee agreement is created to guide our relationship and to insure that the end result of our relationship is a satisfied client.

Resource Planning Strategy

  • An internal recruiting strategy is created to match the unique requirements of the position to be filled.
  • Recruiting and Staffing resources are assigned to the project and an advanced Applicant Tracking System is used to facilitate the search at every step in the process.
  • Project Plans and Strategy are continuously monitored and adjusted to make sure that the outcome of the recruiting assignment is successful and meets the individual goals of our client.

Candidate Search and Screening

  • Utilizing a database that includes thousands of candidates meticulously collected over the last 25 years we begin the initial stages of gathering specific candidates that match the needs of the position of our client.
  • Initial screening calls are conducted, candidate references are gathered and the verification of education, certification, and job history are completed.
  • Deeper and more extensive communication is then utilized to identify the most appropriate candidates for the job opening and only those top candidates are then prepared to be presented to our client for their review.

Candidate Presentation and Interview Process

  • Once the most talented candidates are identified we present those unique individuals to our client for purposes of scheduling phone interviews and onsite interviews.
  • Critical information is given to our client regarding the unique qualities of the candidates and current compensation and future expectations are included in our resume submission and review process.
  • We prepare our candidates for the interview and give them key information regarding the established interview process of our client.
  • We obtain and share feedback from both the candidate and client to insure that all hiring decision information is available for both the client as well as the candidate being interviewed.
  • We schedule and follow up on all subsequent interviews until the process has identified the candidate whom is the most appropriate for the position to be filled.

Facilitate Offer Negotiations

  • We provide our client with each unique element of the candidate’s current compensation as well as the expectations that the candidate is looking for in an offer.
  • Through market surveys and industry trends we counsel our clients to create an offer that will have the highest probability of acceptance while still keeping budgetary and market balance in mind.
  • According to the individual client policies and procedures we facilitate the extension of the offer to the candidate and work with both sides until a final acceptance has been established.
  • Upon acceptance we guide the candidate through the resignation process as well as advise them of the “pitfalls” of considering/accepting a counteroffer and ultimately work with the candidate to establish a mutually beneficial start date.

Monitor the Placement

  • We work closely with both the client and candidate to share and communicate feedback on the progress of the new hire during the onboarding phase of employment to insure a smooth transition for both parties.
  • Prior to the conclusion of the guarantee period we contact the employer and candidate to confirm that both are thriving in their new relationship.

Why Choose Us

“How we stand out from the rest”

Without great people, no organization can reach its fullest potential. We know that and our clients know that too. Our job is to find the best candidate for the position you have available.

So why should you work with us?

  • We fill over 50% of the searches we take on. We’re specialists in the IT market and we only take on searches that we know we can fill.
  • Our recruiting team has over 40 years of ‘full cycle’ recruiting experience and every recruiter is all hands on deck, experienced with each aspect of the recruiting cycle.
  • We want a long term client – not just a job order. We see ourselves as an extension of your HR or Recruiting department and want to be that proven resource you can turn to for many years to come

Where do we source candidates?

  • A Database that’s 20 years deep
    • Filled with thousands of qualified candidates, we always have a great place to start
  • Candidate Referrals
    • Everybody knows somebody – and the people we place are often happy to help
  • Candidate References
    • That reference we checked while vetting a candidate – well, they’re often looking too
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Indeed)
    • Sometimes LinkedIn or even a well-written job posting can turn up the best of the bunch
  • Your Biggest Competitors
    • Wouldn’t you want to talk with someone who already knows your business?

We pride ourselves on a very efficient and effective recruiting process that helps us uncover the most qualified candidates available because we know that when it comes to interviewing, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. The candidates we place not only continue to impact their impact their organizations but often ascend to higher positions within their organizations.

Our goal is to consistently provide you with the following three guarantees:

Integrity, Service, and Honesty

Keith has provided us with some fantastic hires. He took the time to fully understand our firm and our culture. He is very responsive (no pun intended) and nailed it for us. Thanks Keith for supporting us!

Ted Goodman Vice President and Partner - Centric Consulting

I’ve worked with Keith Hansel and Responsive Search over the past several years to source top IT talent for my organization. Through that time, Keith has developed a thorough understanding of my business, our company culture and IT environment. He leverages this knowledge with a direct, honest and reasonable approach to doing business as a true partner which results in a win-win for both of us. This is what differentiates Keith and Responsive Search from their competition.

When resource needs arise, I’m confident in connecting with Keith and walking through requirements in a professional, trusting and customer focused fashion. He understands candidate “fit” includes a comprehensive package of technical skills, business acumen and clear communication skills. This is a direct result of Keith truly listening to customer needs, not just working to “fill an order”.

I highly recommend Keith and Responsive Search to exceed your expectations when sourcing top-notch IT talent.

Tom Lammers Corporate IT Director - Home Products International - NA, Inc

Responsive Search takes the time to understand our company, culture and needs. They go the extra mile to find candidates who fit our needs! Candidates are prepared prior to talking to us. They understand the IMS environment and what our expectations and requirements are.
It’s nice to have a relationship with a company like Responsive Search. They give us personal touch unlike other firms we have dealt with.
We have had great success with candidates placed by Responsive Search.

Darrin Chonos Senior Director of IT - Integrated Merchandising Systems, LLC

“I have worked with Keith on both sides of his service offerings. As a candidate Keith was the recruiter that matched me to IMS. He was very knowledgeable of IMS, the role I was applying for and the leadership I would be working for. He was very thorough in matching me to the company and preparing me for the position.

As a manager at IMS, I utilize Keith’s services to fill my position vacancies as the department expands. Having worked with several recruiters I can say that Keith is my preferred choice. I feel that other agencies are chasing numbers and often times do not understand candidate technical jargon or skills. Keith does understand technical candidates and is able to weed through a sea of acronyms to find the right candidates for IMS. He does not just chase numbers, but rather is our partner in filling our talent voids.”

John-David Bennett Application Development Manager - Integrated Merchandising Systems, LLC

I have known Keith for over 20 years and he has consistently provided a high level of service to me as both a candidate and a client. There is more to a good fit than a resume meeting the posted requirements and Keith uses a thorough understanding of his clients to optimize that fit. In addition, Keith has always been honest with me, even when it did not benefit Responsive Search. I appreciate working with someone who is always focused on the long term relationship.

Jim Fehr IT Director - OTTO Engineering

During the past 15+ years, I’ve worked with Responsive Search from both the hiring perspective, as well as my own placement. I’ve always found then to uphold the highest level of integrity, ensuring their services bring value to both the candidate and corporation. I’ve honestly not met many IT search firms that I feel have my trust and confidence like Responsive Search.

Julie Algrem Director IT Business Solutions - Havi Global Solutions

Steve is a high-energy, dynamic professional who exemplifies the platinum standard of the recruiting industry. Using his connections, intelligence and gusto, he delivers for his corporate clients.

Samer Odeh IT Infrastructure Manager - Omron Management Center of America

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